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Welcome to Paul’s Gems and Collectibles

For Unique Antiques and Treasures from Mother Earth


My Personal Collection of Prestige Crystals, Amethyst, Crystal Pyrite, Rough Gems, Precious Stones, Jade, Statues, Charms, Jewelry, Vases, Geodes, Fossils, Minerals, Antiques and other collectibles currently totals over 300 pieces. This site contains pieces from a Unique Exceptional Private Collection that’s currently for sale. I have other items that are not on my web site yet, just ask. My advertisements are on Google, Yahoo, Aol, Bing, Ask, Lycos, AltaVista, MSN, Excite, E Bay Classified {On E bay Classified must be under New York Collectibles when you find one item, on right side of screen you’ll see Posted by Paulsgems: View all ads Press all of my items will Appear} Craigslist {On Craigslist you must be under New York City on Front Page and go to left side of screen to Search Craigslist and Type in Paulsgems all of my items will Appear} oodle {Marketplace} Facebook Marketplace, and others.

The most Beautiful Treasures are made by Mother Earth and it takes Millions of Years to Create Her Special Creations. Therefore, these items are Exceptional pieces for Home and Office Decor and also as a Natural Helper of Mind, Body and Spirit. My pieces are as Perfect with Perfection, Exceptional and Very Unique. My item are Very High in Quality and also some are Gallery and Museum Specimens. In over 31 years being on the Internet and connecting with different people. I’ve been Collecting for over 43 years and I Love It. I never lost sight of the fact that Success only come from Respect, Integrity and Honesty. My items are Genuine, Authentic and 100% Guaranteed.

If you are interested in making a purchase or would like additional information about a particular piece, please send an email with Description, Page# and Item# to or call 917-596-3619 All payments are done thru for the Security for the Buyer and Seller. As soon as payment is received and Confirmed into Paypal Account, item will be Shipped out the next Business Day thru United States Postal with Tracking# and Confirmed Signature of Customer Receiving Item . All Shipping in the USA, Nationwide and International Based on Change of Shipping Cost. 110% Feedback.

Please check back often, as new items will be added weekly.

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